We convert information to visual narrative

The first greek, independent infographics agency

What we offer

Our aim is the produ- ction of high quality infographics.


How we work

With pen and pencil, with computer, with research and reportage.


The subscriptions

In our effort to be as fair as possible, we created subscription packages.


An information processing laboratory

  1. 1. Launch of Falcon missile |
  2. 2. Ecologic technology for floating |
  3. 3. The battle of Tahrir square |
  4. 4. Snowfall with 35 dead in Afganistan |
  5. 5. The situation of greek insurance agents

We offer to you


Information graphics

For the most impo- rtant facts of the topicality.


Texts that accompany each infographic

Thus it can be imme- diately published.


Interactive infographics

For online publications.

For more information have a look to the FAQ

The way that we work

The infographic production procedure

  • Thorough research to collect the relevant information.

  • Tracking of the elements with the most interest.

  • Finding of the proper idea for the most lucid visuali- zation for them.

  • Creation of the infographic.

  • Production of the text.

From production to distribution



Every morning so you will know witch subjects are going to be produced.



By the time a subject is published you are informed automati- cally though email.

Our basic place for distribution. There you can download any infographic.

For more information have a look to the FAQ

Our subscriptions packages

This seperation was made in order for our services to correspond to your special needs.



You receive an amount of credits every month. Each infographic is mapped to a credit value depending on its size.

  • You can download as many infographics as the value of your credits.

  • It is mainly addressed to magazine publications that their needs for infographics are not daily.

  • You pay exactly what you use.



You have the capability to use any topical infographic.

  • You also have the capability to download any infographic from igraphics.gr archive.

  • It is addressed to electronic and printed media that their needs for meterial are daily.

  • Access without limitations.

For more information have a look to the FAQ

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