Frequently Asked Questions

What is is the first greek independent news agency which publishes information graphics for the media. It aims at producing high quality infographics covering a broad range of topics which are of interest to you and your readers; they purport to make the complex realities of today more accessible. information graphics can stand alone in the pages of your publication along with your contributed editors' text. Furthermore, our agency can provide you with an accompanying text of 200-500 words which may be used as is or as a platform for your own. Each of our infographics may also be used as is, or tailored to your space requirements or even remodeled by your own graphics team.

Who are the people in

The team consists of:

  • experienced journalists who are able to select appropriate topics in connection with current affairs, social affairs and news reporting
  • experienced creative graphic designers who can transform any news topic into infographics of high aesthetic value
  • journalists with knowledge of infographic design capable of striking a balance between an aesthetic representation and the most accurate and effective visualization of information.

What is an information graphic?

An information graphic (infographic) is a composition of text, image, typography and possibly sketch, with the objective to deliver a piece of news in the most succinct and clear manner. It could be said that an infographic represents a minimized newspaper comprising one single topic. The need for information graphics in a contemporary medium stems from the incessant and explosive flow of information towards the reader, whose time is limited. Through the visualization of a great amount of information within a few centimeters, an infographic makes it possible for the readers to receive the information they are interested in. Information graphics should not, however, be confused with the "fast food" information logic. This because, parallel to the immediate information they are offering, the volume of information infographics condense makes them, to those with time on their hands, fascinating tools of knowledge and a powerful incentive for further exploration into the contemporary world.

Who is addressed to?

For the time being, is not addressed to individual users, despite the keen interest shown by them. It is mostly addressed to the mass media, daily and weekly newspapers in Athens and others regions in Greece, magazines, free-press publications, websites and portals, book publications, research groups, universities, NGO's that are interested in using the infographics developed on a regular basis. At the same time, certain infographics with possible international appeal will provided in English and addressed to media in Europe and the Balkans.

Why can't I see the infographics clearly?

This happens because, in order to see the complete infographic's pdf, save it and have access to the complete accompanying text and not just to an introduction, one should be a registered user of

How can I register?

The registration procedure is simple keeping you your personal data secure. Click the "register" button on the right column or on the upper right menu. Fill in the form which will appear. A message confirming your registration will be subsequently sent to your e-mail address. By clicking on the link in your message, your request reaches us. Within one working day from the confirmation of your registration one of our associates will contact you in order to arrange your subscription fee and your way of payment.

How much does a subscription cost?

The subscription cost varies and therefore no standard subscription fee is given. The price range reflects our intention to be as fair as possible. This is why there are pricing differences according to the circulation of a newspaper and the size of the market where it operates. We can assure you, however, that the price will be affordable while its real value will be much higher. For further information please contact us.

What's the difference between a "standard" and an "economy" account?

The purpose of this distinction is to assure greater flexibility so that our services can fit to your particular needs. The "economy" account is mainly addressed to periodic editions which do not need information graphics on an everyday basis. Each infographic is valued at a certain number of credits according to its size. With the "economy" account you prepay a number of credits which enables you to store as many graphics per month as corresponding to the value of your credits. In this way, what you pay for is exactly what you use. The "standard" account allows you to use any of the current news information graphics while, at the same time, granting you unlimited access to the archives.

What is the method of payment?

Payments are made by bank account deposit as agreed with the agency.

How long does my subscription last?

There are two options: 6 months or annual.

Why should I subscribe since there is a graphics department in my own newspaper?

The production procedure of an infographic includes a thorough investigation into the relevant information, identifying the most suitable idea for its optimal visualization and the final stage which is the creation of the actual infographic. This procedure makes the production of an infographic time-consuming. can provide you with information graphics concerning the most significant current affairs so that the graphics department in every newspaper may have more time to deal with local stories and exclusive news topics. On the other hand, aspires to provide you with comprehensive or elaborated topics, usually hard to cover for a newspaper department due to the heavy workload on a daily basis. Also, subscribing to, a graphics department can use our agency's rich archives to create its own information graphics.

Can I know which infographics are going to be available on a daily basis before they are actually published?

Of course. We know that a newspaper needs to have a clear idea of its news stories as early as possible. For this reason, each subscriber will receive, at noon time, an electronic information message with the information graphics to be produced within the day, as well as their dimensions, so that they may arrange the pages in the paper.

Do I have to visit the site in order to see which infographics are published?

The main operational platform of the agency is its website. We know that an editor's time is limited which is why the structure of the site is simple and navigation an easy and, hopefully, pleasant process. If, however, time is so limited that someone cannot even visit our website, RSS and Newsletter services will inform in real time those interested in every new infographic published and transfer them to the infographic page with a simple click.

What if I want only one infographic from

It is not possible to purchase only one informational graphic unless it falls into the category "On Demand".

How do I receive an infographic?

On an infographic's page, by clicking the button "Download" on the lower side of the page or by simply clicking on the thumbnmail of the infographic. If you are looking for a shortcut, skipping the infographic's page, you can simply click the "Download" button on the side of the particular infographic's thumbnail on the main page. If you do any of the above, the infographic will be saved on your hard disk, usually in the 'Downloads' folder, where all your files from your web browser are also stored.

What is the "interactive" category?

Interactive is the new trend in information graphics which is addressed to newspaper internet versions and to sites/portals. Like print infographics, interactive infographics contain a lot of information but require the interaction of users, who can regulate the flow of information according to their own interests. The interactivity is what makes them so popular with readers.

How can I buy an interactive infographic?

You have to express your interest by pressing the appropriate button in the infographic's page. Within a few hours, one of our associates will contact you.

What is the "On Demand" category?

This category includes infographics which are usually big in size and of a rather timeless content which can be purchased without subscription, after agreement with the agency. This is to facilitate mainly periodic editions which are interested in any one of these topics but do not wish a steady subscription.

And how can i buy a graphic "On Demand"?

You have to express your interest for the graphic by clicking the "show interest" button at the infographic's page. Within a few hours, one of our associates will contact you.

What are the requirements of your browser in order to navigate

It is important to have the latest edition of the browser you are using, not only for the correct presentation of the page, but also to prevent security problems which might put your computer and your personal data at risk. We highly recommend that you activate Javascript, so as to enjoy the interactivity and comfort it offers in navigation. However, alternative ways of navigation have been provided when javascript is de-activated. Adobe flash player, which can be downloaded for free from the internet, is recommended to be installed into your browser, as a prerequisite in order to observe interactive infographics.