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What feeds are (Atom/Rss feeds)

Atom feeds are a service that a web site offers (including and it is a handy and fast way to keep up with electronic facts. Along with the more known (and older) RSS feeds they are the most popular forms of information feeds. With these technogies you can observe when there is an update in the content of a web site that you are interested. You can receive directly in your pc the titles of the last news, articles or graphics that you wish, right away when they are available without being necessary to visit everyday the web site.

With this way you can be informed simultaneously for electronic facts that take place in "distant" web sites. So, you don't miss a publication without having to visit tenths of sites that you are interested.

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How can i use the Atom feeds service?

To be able able to make use of the Atom feeds service you should find a feed reader software (RSS/Atom/News reader). In this software you can add the links (URL) that corespond to the Atom feeds that you are interested. Then it is responsible to check periodically your feeds and inform you of anything new. When you choose a reader software (see below), it's time to decide which content you wish to receive.

How do i select an Atom feed for

From the " Atom feeds" column, select the category that you want

  • right click on the feed link
  • choose "Copy link location" from the popup menu
  • paste the shortcut to the address field at the feed reader software (more about that to the instructions of the feed reader software)

Some browsers like Firefox, Opera and Safari, check the websites that you visit for Atom feeds and show an icon when they find content, making it easier to register to the feed service of a site. For more information you can visit their websites.

Where can i find a feed reader program (RSS/Atom reader)?

There are many available programs on the internet for the three basic operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) from which you can choose the one that fits your needs. Take care to choose the program that will be functional for you computer. Some programs are:



Web-based (Access to RSS through internet)